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Paraphilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paraphilia is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals. No consensus has been found for any precise border between ...
RxList - Alpha Index, P listing - Drugs Medical Dictionary
Online Medical Dictionary and glossary with medical definitions, p listing.
Paraphilias and Sexual Disorders at ALLPSYCH Online
Paraphilias and Sexual disorders, symptoms and treatment ... Paraphilias all have in common distressing and repetitive sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors.
Paraphilia | Define Paraphilia at
noun, Psychiatry. 1. a type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or ...
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Paraphilia terms - David Kilpatrick
Acomoclitic - Shaved and completely hairless genitals are a turn-on. Agoraphilia -Gettin' it on out in public is hot, hot, hot!
Paraphilia definition - MedicineNet - Health and Medical ...
Paraphilia: One of several complex psychiatric disorders that are manifested as deviant sexual behavior. For example, in men, the most common forms are ...
Sexual Deviance - Paraphilia - Medindia
Sexual deviants display psychosexual disordered behavior classified as non-coercive paraphilia and coercive paraphilia.
List of paraphilias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is a list of paraphilias, which are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are highly atypical. The American Psychiatric ...
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DSM - 5 Paraphilias Bibliography | Asexual Explorations
The situation with the upcoming DSM-5 and the paraphilia diagnoses has involved considerable controversy. The purpose of this bibliography is to help document this ...
The restraints and constraints of cultural conditioning are omnipresent, spreading like knotweed into every crevice of humankind’s psyche, thus throttling genuine ...
Paraphilia - HowStuffWorks "Health"
A paraphilia is a condition involving sex fetishes where a person's sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about, and engaging in, sexual behavior ...
Exhibitionism - children, causes, DSM, effects, therapy ...
Diagnosis Diagnosis of exhibitionism is complicated by several factors. For example, most persons with the disorder come to therapy because of court orders.
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List of Paraphilias - Psychologist Anywhere Anytime
A paraphilia is a sexual problems where the sexual arousal is in response to objects or stimuli not associated with normal sexual behavior patterns and that may ...
Forensic Psychiatry. ca - Sexual Sadism
Forensic - an informational/educational website about forensic mental health issues with particular relevance to the Cdn mental health & legal systems.
PARAPHILIA - 東京SM性感デリバリー パラフィリア
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