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Title page from the York Factory journal, 1714 - HBCA B.239-a-1 fo.2

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York boat, Split Lake, Northern Manitoba, 1928. R.A. Talbot - HBCA ...

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William Armstrong, Dr. John Rae(1813-1893), Arctic Explorer, 1862 ...

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Our History: Business: General: Marking Our Anniversary

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House once occupied by Donald Smith, Rigolet, Labrador, 1923

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Our History: The Hudson's Bay Company Point Blanket: From Mackinaw to ...

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Statue of David and Charlotte Thompson from Invermere, British ...

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Mid 20th Century trade silver style two bar Jesuit cross with pony ...

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Special inscription by Ronald Searle

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Octroi de la charte royale par le Roi Charles II en 1670, par E.A. Cox ...

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Our History: Timelines: Acquisitions

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North West Company coat of arms, ca. 1800-1820 - Unknown Artist ...

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Our History: Business: Other Businesses: The Puget Sound Agricultural ...

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Edward Ellice - Sir William Charles Ross/Library and Archives Canada/C ...

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Notre histoire: Au fil du temps: Acquisitions