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Cérémonie de traite à York Factory, vers 1780.

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Hbc Governor Patrick Ashley Cooper at Port Burwell, 1934

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Last Dog Train Leaving Lower Fort Garry, 1909

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Articles de HBC pour la traite - clé

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Corporate Collections

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Weeks House, built 1895. Now the Diamond Centre for Living.

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Plan of the HBC premises in Honolulu, Hawaii at Queen and Fort Streets ...

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Notre histoire: Couverture à points de la Compagnie de la Baie d ...

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Our History: Acquisitions: Retail: Fields: The Strength of an Idea

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Corporate Collections: Other Institutions: Hudson's Bay Company ...

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Our History: Acquisitions: Retail: Woodward's Stores Limited

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The Granting of the Royal Charter by King Charles II in 1670 , by E.A ...

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James Morgan, ca. 1880-1890 McCord Museum of Canadian History, Canada ...

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Seeguapik of Povungnetuk trims the stone between arm and face, 1956 ...

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Thomas Knapp of Richmond by Gervase Spencer, n.d. - Oil on canvas