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Governor General Roland Michener

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Learning Centre: Image Gallery

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Hbc Governor Patrick Ashley Cooper at Port Burwell, 1934

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Hats, from Simpsons Canadian Shoppers Handbook Spring & Summer 1896

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Fashion in Beaver Hats

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Corporate Collections

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Our History: Transportation & Technology: From Registers to Scanners

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Our History: Business: Fur Trade: Trading Ceremony at York Factory ...

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Ballantyne, Clerk and Chief Trader George Barnston arrive at ...

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James Morgan, ca. 1880-1890 McCord Museum of Canadian History, Canada ...

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Our History: Places: Other: Stranger Than Fiction: The True Story of ...

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Prince Rupert , engraving by R. Dunkarton (after portrait by Sir Peter ...

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His Highness Prince Rupert by Studio of Anthony van Dyck, n.d. - Oil ...

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Our History: Timelines: Acquisitions